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[Peris-listserv] MyFunding Module Updates

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Wed Dec 12 08:42:19 EST 2018

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As part of MyFunding periodic maintenance, several updates have been implemented within the module.  Outlined below is a description and brief overview of each update.

  *   Copy Activity- The funding proposal 'Copy' feature has been updated to copy only data into the new funding proposal. The attachments, history, SF424 (if applicable), and PI Certification will not be included in a copied funding proposal.

  *   Indirect Cost Rate Agreement Date-To be consistent with the University's current rate agreement, the Indirect Cost Rate Agreement Date has been changed to display 6/14/2018 to reflect the rate agreement effective date.

  *   Subaccount Budget Review and Subaccount Report- Subaccount budgets will now be displayed in the subaccount approvers inbox.  In addition, subaccount approvers can now access subaccount budgets via the 'Subaccount Report' activity.

  *   Key personnel mapping to the SF424- For funding proposals that contain an SF424, the module has been updated to present the name of the Principal Investigator first on the SF424 budget form.

  *   Printing and Publication mapping on the SF424 -For funding proposals that contain an SF424, the module has been updated to populate the printing and publication category within the SF424 budget instead of being presented in the 'Other Cost' category.

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